Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

DoS Attack is the generic term for attacks on the availability of network services, mostly Internet services, such as Internet access. Web or DNS server.

The most common DoS attacks are:

a) email bombing; Sending a large number of e-mails to a recipient. Objectives of the attack are the recipient, by very long waiting times, or crash his system and the e-mail server, by increased load, or crash the e-mail system).

b) e-mail list bombing; Subscribing to a large number of mailing lists to a foreign e-mail address.

c) Distributed DoS (DDoS); DoS attack, which is performed synchronized by many systems.

In general, poorly protected systems with direct Internet connection and large bandwidth are used for such attacks. Small programs, so-called agents, are implemented on these systems and coordinated from a central point via so-called handlers.