Security checks

This is where we provide a number of free tools to help you keep an overview of the security status of your devices.

If you have any specific support queries, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Data Leaks

Access data is frequently stolen from web services by attackers, or found out using spyware. It can often land in the public domain and can thus be viewed by anyone. Use this service to check whether and, if so, when your data turned up in a data pool.

It is provided by Have I Been Pwned.

Malware Scanner

Hitman Pro is an addition to a conventional virus scanner. It can find and remove an infection such as a virus, trojan or malware, but it is not suitable for everyday monitoring. The unrestricted test version is valid for 30 days.

Hitman Pro is provided by Sophos (only for Windows operating systems).

Download Hitman Pro x64 Download Hitman Pro x86

Hitman Pro is only available for Windows.

Network Check

A network check checks:

Whether the IP address (address element on the internet) of the internet access you are using has tried at any point in the last few days to connect to a server that is known to be infected. This indicates that a device connected to the network will also be infected.

That the router (the device that allows you to access the internet) cannot be used to reach any services which might pose a potential security risk. This could be used for attackers to take control of the device.

Software Check

Obsolete software often contains gaps in security which can be exploited by attackers. With Software Check, you can see whether or not the browser you are using is up to date. Alternatively, you can install a program which reviews operating system updates and other software you have installed.

Software Check is provided by Qualys.

Version check