How is a computer infected?

Botnets are augmented by installing a “bot” on an uninfected computer. This can be done in different ways.

Infected emails
An e-mail asks the user to open an attached file containing the malicious code or to click on a link pointing to an infected web page. If he follows the request, a malicious program will be installed on his computer, which can make this part of a botnet. These calls are often made via deceptive emails that are getting more and more professional. Thus, such an e-mail pretend to come from your own bank or similar.

The malicious program is linked to a program that is available for download on the Internet. Anyone downloading this program infects their computer with the malware. This coupling of a malicious program to a useful application is called a Trojan horse (“Trojan horse”). This usually happens with illegal download programs. For security reasons, legal and legitimate programs should only be downloaded from the manufacturer’s original website and verified with a virus scanner.

The infection using this method exploits security vulnerabilities and errors in applications, in the browser or in the operating system itself. Exploits are activated, for example, when the user clicks on a prepared link; In a drive-by attack, they can also be triggered automatically when a web page is called up.

Drive-by attack
A drive-by attack refers to the unconscious downloading of software onto a user’s computer. Among other things, this refers to the unwanted downloading of malicious software solely by visiting a specially prepared website. Unfortunately, not attacking shady sites, unfortunately, only partially protects, as it hackers always manage to manipulate legitimate websites.